Saving your Voicemails

At HulloMail we know that certain voicemails can be very important. Be it for sentimental reasons or a record of an important event, being able to store voicemails long-term is essential for many users.

That being said, the HulloMail app is not designed for long-term voicemail storage. Voicemails are archived roughly twice a year in a fully automated process that removes older messages from your account into the archive. While we are usually able to restore these messages to your account, voicemails over a certain age are not restorable. This is why we strongly advise that voicemails you wish to keep are backed up on a regular basis.

Luckily this couldn't be simpler thanks to the 'Copy to Email' feature.

If you are a free user you need to manually copy any voicemail you wish to save to your email account by using the following instructions:


Simply choose a voicemail you want to copy from the central message list, and open it. Press the 'more options' icon at the bottom left to bring up the menu, and then select 'Copy to my Email'.


Select a voicemail from the central message list and open it. Once in the message detail screen, press the menu button and select 'Copy to my Email'.

For Paid and Business users you can switch the 'Copy to Email' feature from within the settings to 'ON'.

Saving vms pic

Once voicemails are copied to your email account you can download and save them without worrying that they will disappear.

Enjoy your voicemail!

The HulloMail Team

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