Why you need visual voicemail if you still don't have it

No more suspense about who left a message…

When you only have your standard network voicemail you are notified that you have a message but don't know who it's from - how annoying! With HulloMail visual voicemail you are shown exactly who called, at what time, if they left a message and how long it is.

Save time…

Stop having to dial in to hear voicemails, listen to each one in order with the oldest first and then listen to several options before you can listen again or delete.

Read your voicemails…

The best reason! If you opt for HulloMail's voicemail transcription you will never need to dial in to hear a message again. Hooray! Messages are automatically transcribed and shown in the app and you can choose for them to be sent to you by email too.

Avoid nuisance callers…

With transcriptions, you won't waste time listening to a message if can see straight away that it's a call about "your PPI claim" or "the terrible accident you had last week". You can also prevent such callers from leaving you messages in future.

Share messages…

It may be a message from a friend that you want to pass on or work message that you'd like a colleague to follow up on. Just hit share and you can send it on by email and the recipient will receive the full transcription along with the audio file as an attachment.

Keep messages…

There may be a cute message from your kids, something important from a colleague at work or sometimes even the last message a loved one left you - it's great to have an archive of these that you can store and easily search for in weeks, months or years to come.

If you don't yet use visual voicemail and any of these convenient and time saving features appeal, then try HulloMail for free on iPhone or Android.

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Enjoy your voicemail!

The HulloMail Team

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