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What do I get with HulloMail?

With the FREE app you get these features:

  • View, play and manage your voicemails in the app
  • See contact details and photo
  • Receive alerts of new messages via Push Notification
  • Receive alerts of missed calls when your phone is off or no network coverage via Push Noticiation
  • Send a copy of a voicemail to your email
  • Share a voicemail and a Hullo via Facebook directly from the app
  • Record a short voice message, a 'Hullo', to send to friends, family, yourself as a memo or as a reply to a voicemail
  • Buy products and upgrades from the In-App Store

With the PAID app, you get the features above, PLUS, a SmartVoicemail™ 1 Year Subscription, which gives you:

  • Ad-Free service
  • 25% cheaper pricing for Scribe™ In-App purchases
  • Individual Greetings - Greet each contact with a personalised recording
  • Copy to Email - Automatically send every voicemail to your email
  • Share via Email - Share messages via email from the app
  • Access Control - Anti-hacking measures to secure your voicemails
  • Quick Reply Options - Reply by email and SMS from within the app
  • Longer Voicemails - Up to 5 minutes in length

Within our In-App Store, you can:

iconscribe Buy Scribe™ products:

Get The Gist™ is a fully automated Scribe™ product that converts the first 10 seconds of your voicemail to text, allowing you to read and get the gist of the message before you listen!

iconscribe Buy SmartVoicemail™ 1 Year Subscription